Difference-taxed silver coins

Since January 1st, 2014 the VAT on silver coins has been increased to 19%.The aim was to approximate the VAT rates in Europe.

However, there is one exception: silver coins, which are imported from a country outside the EU, such as the Canadian Maple Leaf , the Mexican Libertad or the American Eagle are subject to a 7% import VAT and are therefore suitable for the usage of a special tax feature: the different tax.

Your advantage:

When selling only the difference between purchase price and sale price is taxed at 19% on these coins. Normally, the 19 % VAT is calculated on the purchase price and is added.

Through this special tax regime and the low trading margins silver buyers have the advantage that the previous rate of VAT has been preserved almost exactly.

For customers with a VAT ID, we continue to offer the coins to the normal tax rate. To this end, we ask you to call for information under + 49 3329 - 690 70 21.