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  • Value safety
    For thousands of years precious metals are considered to be valuable and have thus established itself as an independent form of investment.
  • Independence
    Politics and economics can influence the price, but do not affect the actual value of precious metals.
  • Stability
    Precious metals prices may fluctuate in the short term, but its value remains stable over time.
  • Noble reserve
    What is true for central banks and governments can´t be wrong also to individuals - precious metals as an "iron" reserve assets.
  • Fungibility and liquidity
    Precious metals are the universal currency - 24 hours a day - anywhere in the world.




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Coins of the Lunar series 2016

09.10.2015 16:15 | 0 Comments

We offer now the Australian coin series Lunar II 2016, motif is the monkey. Link

Because of production problems at Perth Mint the silver coins in 2, 5 and 10 oz. as well as 1 kg are available later.

New silver coins online

23.09.2015 11:11 | 0 Comments

Our new silver coins you can find here!